Kumina Debian repository

This is a repository of Debian packages built and/or maintained by Kumina. Add one of the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list to use it:

For Lenny:

deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/debian/	lenny-kumina	main

For Squeeze:
deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/debian/	squeeze-kumina	main

For Wheezy:
deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/debian/	wheezy-kumina	main

We also have Ubuntu repositories for our desktops:

For Natty:

deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/ubuntu/	natty-kumina	main

For Oneiric:

deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/ubuntu/	oneiric-kumina	main

For Quantal:

deb	http://debian.kumina.nl/ubuntu/	quantal-kumina	main

You can find out which packages are available in the package index (Debian, Ubuntu). The PGP key used for signing the repository is available from the usual PGP servers and here.

Note that this key has an expiry time set. If you want to make sure you always have an up-to-date version of the key, install the package kumina-archive-keyring after adding the repository.